Mysterymist the omnipotent interplanetary idiot

aka zen-oh, blind idiot god

  • I live in kolkata west bengal india in the omni god emperor plalace
  • I was born on February 29
  • My occupation is king of all 12 omniverses, the daemon sultan
  • I am male
  • Mysterymist the omnipotent interplanetary idiot

    first of all here is an interesting topic-what if it is possible to become a sailor senshi without actually becoming one???

    i mean you have the abailities of a sailor senshi,your powers equivalent to fact something males can become that would be cool

    a boy tansform in sucha way that he can use similar techniques to a sailor senshi he may fire a supreme thunder,have a crystal(primordial crystal) and yet look different to an actual sailor senshi

    [is one of the things that made me wish my favourite villain was a girl]

    he looks like sailor chaos right???well if i was the artist i would have made his uniform similar to sailor galaxia

    [if shin chan acrually gained power to teleport like a sailor senshi???]

    so my fan made character would mainl…

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  • Mysterymist the omnipotent interplanetary idiot

    with this i am going to know your top ten favourite fan made characters 

    my fav till now is sailor moon hereself but i am here to hear your thoughts

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