Sailor Senshi Phobos and Daimos are alternate identities of twin Ladies Enya and Kera and one of the Guardian Sailor Senshi related to Sailor Mars. They are also Guardian Senshi of Fear and Horror and has powers over mind, especially her dark and dangerous side. Their signarure colors are black and blood red.

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They are known as Sailor Twins.

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"Guided by feared one! We are Soldiers of Fear and Horrors, Guardians Sailor Phobos and Daimos!"

Powers of Sailor Twins are related to mind and darkness. Althought they do not have physicall attacks, they are feared enemies, due to their mind related attacks. They suppose to have most evil powers of all senshi, but it do not make them bad. They get this power, because they were only ones able to control it. Physically weak powers are very useful and powerfull on the battlefield, making them able to scatter the fear into hearts of their enemies. This power allows them to visualise nightmares and fears of their opponents as well as their darkest part of mind. Twin Senshi are also the most powerfull, when they are together.

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  • They powers are most evil of all senshi
  • Their powers can be reflected by someone with strong mind